Vapen S foam

S-foams or standard foams are foams with a balanced correlation between density and hardness, i.e. elasticity. They are adapted to the demands of a large number of clients and as such have a widest application in the manufacturing of mattresses and furniture.

VAPEN S 2026 is an extremely suitable foam for building into those furniture parts which do not suffer great pressure: handholds, backsides...

VAPEN S 2332 fits between VAPEN S 2026 and 2535 according to its characteristics, and can therefore have multiple application.

VAPEN S 2535 has certainly a widest range of application thanks to its exceptional correlation between weight, elasticity and hardness. It is used for manufacturing all parts of furniture.

VAPEN S 2836 the foam used in furniture manufacturefor making cushion and its characteristics offer good quality at an affordable price.

VAPEN S 3038 is a foam which, being heavier, guarantees long life as well as great resistance to permanent deformations which enables its application in those parts of furniture which suffer pressure (armchairs, couches...)