A key consideration in product strategy Vapeks is the highest quality of the products. This commitment has led to a series of partnerships with world leaders in manufacturing polyurethane foam technology.

With the new machine, Hennecke Multiflex PL 130 - Bayer, which is valid for the best machine for the production of foam softPU in the world, as well as the most use of raw materials producers in the world - Bayer, Shell, Dow, BASF, and with our superior technology, yet backed by experience FoamLine our mother company, with its 17 factories in Vapeks produced the best sponge in the world.

In an industry where 70% of the total price makes raw materials, essential to defining and promoting the factors of success.

Success factors on which we constantly working are efficiency, business automation, flexibility and cost optimization.

The invention of the polyurethane foam is a result of Bayer's research started back in the 1937th year. Continuous study and improvement of production processes, BAYER has always been a leading authority in the knowledge of the secret technology of polyurethane. Such determinations are the basis of superior technology and knowledge that is built into the most advanced facilities Hennecke.

To preserve and to improve the quality of an exceptional level vapen PU foam, available to us modern laboratory conditions. Digitally controlled measurement and analysis of cross-over series in the parameters allow us to constantly quality improvement.

Full service cut to size covers all the needs of the industry. We have only highly productive automatic machines for cutting all types of standard:

  •      Straight horizontal cut
  •      Straight vertical cut
  •      CNC horizontal cutting the contour of a given computer
  •      The circular cutting block in foil
  •      Profilo straight cutting in 3D "

PU foam cut to size or in blocks, in accordance with customer requirements, packed in crates. Digital packages weighing 200kg with a possible deviation of 50g ensures maximum reliability in the preparation and delivery of orders and cross-analysis of multiple sets of parameters allow us to constantly manufacture quality improvement.